I am a PhD candidate in Economics at the London School of Economics, affiliated with STICERD.

I am an applied economist with research interests in development economics, political economy and gender. I study how evidence is used for policy decisions, with a focus on program evaluations and development policy. I am also interested in the role and organization of NGOs in delivering social impact.

Before starting my PhD, I completed an MSc in Economics for Development from the University of Oxford and a BSc in Economics from LSE. I have held research and policy positions at the World Bank and the UN.

On this page, you can find information about my research and teaching.


Men are from Mars and Women too: a Bayesian meta-analysis of overconfidence experiments (with Oriana Bandiera, Barbara Petrongolo and Nidhi Parekh).  Economica, 2022 

Works in Progress

Gender differences in altruism: a Bayesian hierarchical analysis of dictator games  (Draft available upon request)


Current courses

LSE PP402 Quantitative Methods for Public Policy (taught by Mark Schankermann)

UoL EC2066 Microeconomics, Head class teacher (taught by Matthew Levy and Francesco Nava)

IZA/FCDO Online Development Economics Course 2023  [Registration for this course is now open! Sign up here]

Past courses

R course for Economics Research, 2023

LSE EC2A3 Microeconomics II , 2022-2023 (taught by Dimitra Petropoulou)

IZA/FCDO Online Development Economics Course, 2022 (taught by Oriana Bandiera and Robin Burgess) 

LSE EC307 Development Economics, 2020-2021 (taught by Oriana Bandiera and Robin Burgess)

LSE EC400 Probability and Statistical Inference, Sept 2020  (taught by Marcia Schafgans)

LSE EC201 Microeconomic Principles, 2019-2020 (taught by Tim Besley and Dimitra Petropoulou)